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There is a place inside that feels peaceful, strong,  free and solidly rooted at the same time. A place beyond anxiety, emptiness or pain, a place where you are truly connected to your gifts and are actively using them with a sense of purpose. 

The ancient way of getting there has been time-tested over thousands of years.. This is the way of the ancient mystery schools that have existed across the globe since ancient times for those who feel called to walk a path in life of true knowledge, wisdom and understanding that integrates the seen and unseen worlds. 

This ancient system of progression and healing has been time-tested and is a very safe and effective path of true spiritual progression. It will open you up to new ways of being, lightness, joy and passion in your life and reconnect you deeply with your true essence. Many people who have achieved great things in the world have become initiated into this lineage: In recent times Carl Jung, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rudolf Steiner, David Bowie and many more!  

If you are ready to start an empowering journey of fully reclaiming your power, clarity, passion, joy, love, connection, sense of purpose and freedom we are here to serve you. 

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Where to Start

To make space for joy, the new and a true expression of the self we first need to let go of negative events or influences from the past. Then in a second step we can reconnect to our original essence (or blueprint) and learn how to create and live our life in a way that is free from past and external influence. In combination these 3 steps bring an inner peace, more connection with our original purpose and the drive to take action to bring it to fruition. 

When we work with people it looks like this: 

Cord Cutting & Life Activation

To start we always suggest this session. As it clears negative attachments to the past, people or events, reconnect you with your original blueprint and activates dormant gifts. This session will infuse your being with light and hope. Clearing deep patterns and making space for the new. 

Tailored Healing Package

We all have different challenges that hold us back. After receiving the life activation and some integration time (usually 2-3 weeks) we will jointly develop a tailored plan for you which will address your specific challenges. 

All our healings and classes stem from the ancient mystery school lineage. Lineage, by definition, means a lineal descent from an ancestor, ancestry or pedigree. Read more about the lineage here


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Word on the street

The following people have kindly sent messages, videos and notes after their sessions to share with you how the tools and sessions contributed to their lives. Each journey is individual and it's one of our biggest joys to witness positive change in our clients lives. So we share this with gratitude and joy!