What is empowerment?

So often we are not aware of how we are giving our power away to unconscious influences of the past or the belief that our difficulties are caused by our environment. Empowerment is when we become the driving force of our life, when we reconnect with our innate power to move and shift out of difficult situations and through emotional states. Empowerment is about reconnecting with our divine nature and our ability to create. 

The mystery schools of the ancient times are still alive today and initiation has always been their gate to knowledge and understanding that can otherwise not be obtained. It opens the perception to new ways of living and being and starts a process of inner empowerment. You can find out more here


In the words of another initiate Rudolf Steiner:

"If we judge the new by the standard of the old we are liable to error. Thus experience should serve the purpose of perceiving the new and not of judging it by the standard of the old. In this respect the initiate acquires certain definite qualities, and thereby many things are revealed to him which remain concealed from the uninitiated.

The second draught presented to the initiate is the draught of remembrance. Through its agency he acquires the faculty of retaining the knowledge of the higher truths ever present in his soul."

Source: http://wn.rsarchive.org/…/GA0…/English/AP1947/GA010_c03.html


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