About the Life Activation

This incredibly transformational session activates your purpose by reconnecting you to your original blueprint and helps to accelerate your healing and the transformation of recurrent patterns that have been holding you back. It works on all levels: physical, emotional, the nervous system as well as your connection to your higher self and works over a period of 1-3 months. It is a fantastic session for when you are in a transition, preparing for changes in your life or longing to make changes but facing adversity.

For many of us self-doubt, insecurity, a feeling of worthlessness are at the root of many challenges in life both in personal relationships as well as in the expression of our creativity or work. We are often unconsciously limited by fears, what we have been told is possible and the view of life of the people we grew up with. This session helps to slowly reconnect us to our original magical self so we can gently take steps towards expressing it and living from our true divine self. 

The activation works on the spiritual DNA and clears influences on that level. The light will bring healing up to 5 generations back and helps to deal with ancestral influences. To prepare for the activation the first part of the session includes a balancing of all energy systems: the chakras, lotus petals, magnetic and elemental energies. This creates a sense of stability and inner strength and removes blockages. Then in the second part of the session the activation is performed with an ancient crystal wand.

It is a one-off session (or at least doesnt need to be repeated frequently) and the changes will come-in gradually after the session. 

This energy work session stems from the King Solomon lineage, 3500 years ago he 300 gathered shamans and healers from all the different tribes on earth and they worked in his temple to exchange practices. They codified this healing modality and it has been handed down since. Ancient Egyptian drawings of people performing this modality indicate it was also used in ancient egypt. 

What happens in the session?

In the first part your structure (the energetic patterns in your aura) will get prepared for the activation. You will receive a crown cap removal, 16 lotus petals balancing, alignment of elemental, magnetic and chakra lines. This will give you stability and centredness to deal with the changes you want to make or with any challenge you are facing. In the second part 12 receptor points that are in your etheric energy will get activated and infused with light. They are responsible for your emotions, thoughts, connection to your higher self, nervous system etc. At the end of the session you will also receive a short reading.

You will also be given drops to take after the session. This vibrational elixir called Purificato and Crystalis will assist in the facilitation of the energy clearing that began with this.

Costs for the session incl drops: 150£ (about 90mins)

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