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Healing is returning to wholeness on all levels (phyiscal, mental, emotional, spiritual). We remember our true nature and blockages that stand between us and our true eternal nature are removed so that we can live in accordance with who we truly are. The following healing sessions work on the non-matter or subtle bodies. When these are balanced and clear we experience a sense of inner peace and congruence that is lasting and leads to a state of inner joy which is independent from our environment.

All healings offered stem from the lineage of King Solomon and have been time-tested as well as consistently handed down by masters to students. The result is that the power of these healings is preserved and that they allow for lasting shifts.

Each healing works on different energy bodies and thus we recommend a prior consultation to identify what would be most beneficial for you. This can also be done over the phone. 



This soothing and very relaxing hands-on healing session brings down the purity  and healing power of the ENSOFIC RAY for both physical as well as emotional healing. An out of this world experience that will take you to the depths of your being. This session is highly recommended for anyone dealing with issues of the physical body. It can be performed in parallel with normal allopathic medicine and supports the healing process greatly. It is also very beneficial for children or young babies recovering after birth. Distance healing is possible which makes treating young children much easier. 

Delivered over 3 sessions this course will help to shift physical challenges as well as emotional patterns. The 13 rays are anchored to your structure and will support you in releasing any unwanted negative habits in all areas of life. This includes challenging thought patterns and emotions. Combined with the powerful physical healing this is a wonderful course of session for people seeking to truly shift into a new dimension of being with more clarity, peace and harmony in their lives as well as for people seeking physical healing. After the 3 sessions the benefits can be maintained through an annual top-up session. 

First session:

Balancing of the left & brain hemisphere
Preparing the physical body to receive the 13 rays of session 2

Second session:

Balancing of the left & brain hemisphere
Anchoring of the 13 rays, a very holy and clearing process
The 13 rays remain connected to you through powerful symbols and support your healing on all levels. 

Third session: 

Balancing of the left & brain hemisphere
Treatment of negative habits (thoughts, emotions, behaviours)

360£/3 sessions (3 hours)
140£/1 session (1 hour), in person or distance healing

 Tools used in the Etheric Reconstruction sessions

Tools used in the Etheric Reconstruction sessions


This advanced healing modality allows to target specific energy blockages in the etheric energy (around the head). These energies influence our thoughts and emotional patterns. Crystal wands are used to target the obstructions and interferences. The relief is immediate at the end of the session. This is one of the most powerful healing modalities available and is fantastic for physical as well as emotional/mental healing. Client must have received the Life Activation and Cord Cutting first. A practicioner will be able to recommend if this would be beneficial for you after a prior consultation. 

300£/Session (2 hours)


Our soul gets injured through physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, as well as events, conditioning and programming that are not in line with our essence. From a modern psychology perspective this phenomena is understood as dissociation. Soul Retrieval helps if you feel that a piece of you is lost, and you are longing for that feeling of oneness within. It's an excellent session to recover from shock or trauma of any sort. 

£80/session (1 hour)


Our Aura is our first line of protection and when it is damaged through substances (alcohol, drugs) or physical, emotional, mental or spiritual trauma we loose our energy, are overly affected by other people's energies and at times have difficulty saying no. In this session your aura will be scanned and damages or openings will be sealed. As a result you will find it easier to maintaine your energy levels and to maintain boundaries in situations where its needed. 

£80/session (1 hour)


When our chakras are not equally open or do not flow in the same direction that can created blocks, they often manifest in emotional issues or difficulty manifesting or creating in our life. This session will remove blocks and re-establish the flow of energy. 

80£/session (1 hour)


In this ancient healing the crystals are placed on the body and activated with sacred chants. This is a very relaxing and gentle healing. The crystal type and placement will be varied depending on your needs and can work on physical, emotional on mind-related issues. 

60£/session (60mins)


This healing series is designed for very deep healing on all levels and will completely transform deep seated patterns as well as create the foundation for all phyiscal healing. In 10 sessions the whole energy system of the client is completely cleared and transformed. The sessions are performed with 1-2 weeks in between and the client is invited to journal as a lot of emotions and patterns will come-up to be seen and cleared. These Sacred Modality changes the lives of those who receive them. Most experience feeling unburdened, a lightness, and a strong sense of well-being--free from mental and emotional entanglements and being enmeshed in the trivia of daily affairs. Most experience greater happiness, joy, self- confidence, self-assurance, feel mentally and emotionally strong, as well as a greater connection to the Spiritual and the Divine.

The 2 preparatory sessions are of galactic nature and prepare the chakra system and our awareness: 

This session uses the power of sound and crystals. It reconnects you deeply to the frequency of the universe, the power of the galaxy and opens your awareness. It opens up that sense of being multi-dimensional and brings more peace and flow into your life by cleansing the mind, chakras, emotions of residue and starting a process of assimilation. 

Bringing in the energy of the great central sun the 2418 chakra points are awakened. This brings with itself a total shift of the chakra system and fully reconnects us to the light. 2418 is also 6 in numerology, which points us to Tipharet in the Kabbalah, or the equivalent of centre and the central nervous system. It helps us in balancing the central nervous system. It is also awakening of the central core of who we are and will increase our awareness of our environment. 

The 10 ceremonial healings all include a powerful clearing, scanning, the main healing, a cord-cutting and a life activation. 

Using the power of Pan and the watchtower of the North the Tree of life is activated and all sephirah are illuminated and given energy on the body. Each Sephorah represents a different important aspect of our human experience and this healing balances them by filling them all up with energy. This allows to bring to surface and heal inner child issues that need healing as well as any imbalances that prevent us from living with flow in our lives. 

In this ancient ceremony, which used to be performed in Egyptian temples a breast-plate and crystals are used to start a process of releasing unwanted energies and patterns in all areas of your life using the power of the 12 rays, these are in accordance with the 12 parts of the tree of life as well as the powerful symbol of the seal of Solomon. Imbalances between the physical body and the soul are healed.  The healing works on the following areas:

Head= Will/Creation/Spritiuality
Lymph=Chi to live/Vitality
Temples=Psychic Powers/Intuition
Solar Plexus=Emotional Stability
Kidnes=Physical Stability
Floating Ribs=Grounding
Reproductive Organs=Healthy Sexual Energy/Creation/Birth/Manifestation

Everything in the universe is Vibration. Here we use the power of sound to heal the energies of the chakra system so that the vibrational state of us as a being is in tune with the vibrations of the universe. This session builds on the two previous ones further clearing imbalances and facilitating flow. The  power of the 72 names of God will be used which are encompassed by the holy name of God "Tetragrammaton" and supported by the associated archangels. 

Black spots from the seven layers of the client’s aura are removed, healing the central core, the life force, the third eye, the five senses, the nervous system, the physical system, and the meridian lines.

A profoundly sacred healing that deals with the seven principles of life and clears the human of all evil forces with Purification by Light.

The client’s seven bodies are healed – the infant body, the child body, the teenage body, the soul body, the emotional body, the senses body, and the etheric body

Dealing with the human mind, 13 different aromas are utilized to awaken the brain, enhance corresponding brain regions, and bring peace of mind.

During this session, the KSHM Practitioner repeats certain healings the client needs re-enforced based on the results of the results found in the ongoing scanning.

Package: 10 sessions (to be performed over the time span of 3-4 months, 1500£



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