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About Space Blessings

Some spaces have a relaxing atmosphere where it is easy to concentrate, relax, work and enjoy life and some have an eerie, unconformable feeling to them. The atmosphere (or energy) of a space can be shifted and protected going forward. Be this for an office, a house you are looking to sell or rent out, your home, beauty or healing centres it will benefit everyone using the space and give yourself or your clients a good feeling about living or being in it. 

The first step is to eliminate any unwanted imprints from past events from the space atmosphere. This is also called a clearing. For example emotions and strong events that happened in a space leave a trace which can be cleared. In a second step the room can be sealed and gridded to preserve, protect and enhance the energy created. 


Step 1: Space Clearing and Healing

In order to remove past imprints from previous occupants and events that happened in the space the practitioner will use sacred geometry, clearing herbs and rituals as well as special mantras. This is a great way to create a welcoming, warm and relaxing atmosphere for your spa, restaurant of private home space. Specially when newly moving into a space it will help making the space "yours" and reduce any interference from previous owners. Depending on the need of the space this can require a team so prices vary according to size of space and specific needs.



Step 2: Gridding and Sealing

Space Gridding & Blessings allow to create a wonderful environment in a lasting way. As part of this process, a ceremony is performed during which crystals are placed strategically in a sacred geometry pattern for the purpose of protection, wholeness, abundance and manifestation, thus returning a sense of purity, calm and lightness within your physical environment. This can be done after Step 1 if you wish to maintain the relaxing energy in a continous way or infuse your space with a particular purpose. Prices vary according to size of space and specific needs.


For Special Occasions: Temple Setting

For special occasions or ceremonies like weddings, baby showers, home birth, blessingways, seminars or other events where you want to create a sacred space a temple setting can be created energetically.

You and your guests will feel a stillness, purity and sacredness in the space that will give this special occasion a whole different experience. Prices vary according to lenght of event and specific needs.


To find out more about the space related services and inquire regarding your specific space and needs please send us a message using the form below.