The birth of a child is a miraculous and blessed occasion in any family. Bestowing a Baby Blessing on an infant is the most valuable and important gift imaginable, ensuring a wonderful start in life. Children are conditioned to absorb the energy of their environment and the baby blessing protects them from absorbing negative influences from their environment.

Within traditional Shamanic societies, babies were welcomed into our world with unique blessings given in order to create protection, and prepare the child for life within the physical world. The Mystery School lineage has passed down the Baby Blessing, which generates a bubble of protection that will remain with the infant for an entire lifetime. Children who have received this blessing display rapid development and extraordinary abilities.

Baby Blessing can be given from birth until the age of two years. Although, it is best to do this as early as possible in life, preferably during or soon after birth, prior to the embedding of imprints caused by the experience of life. Therefore, it is recommended to book a Baby Blessing preceding birth.


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