About Energy Clearing Sessions

King Solomon used to cross-train all healers as warriors and warriors as healers. The warriors are keeping the shadows at bay while the healers bring in the light for healing. At times negative energy removal can be beneficial and very much accelerates the healing. The following services stem from the Knights Templar tradition and are safe and effective ways of dealing with unwanted energies. 



There are energetic cords that connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present, through which  our energy can be “pulled”, leaving you feeling tired and off-center.  The Emotional Cord Cutting disconnects negative emotional cords using a "Purbha", which is an ancient Tibetan tool. This session allows you to start living more in the present, with more energy and less influence from others and past challenges. It's an excellent session to do to help with relationship difficulties of any sort. 

£70/cord cutting session (15 mins)


This a gentle yet effective clearing of the aura, uses the earthly energies and the Sutra of the Heart.  It not only clears the aura of unwanted and unserving energies, but it also seals and heals your etheric field to increase protection. It's an excellent session to do when we feel overly emotional or sense foreign energies in our structure. 

£140/session (1 hour)

The Aura Repair session is also highly recommended to support in protecting and strengthening the energy field against unwanted energies. See more here