True healing

Sensations and understanding are deeply interlinked  And true healing comes when we start to understand and sense our true divine and galactic nature and the power that comes with that.

You are a divine being

Eternal in nature

Limitless in essence

Nothing and nobody can take the birthright of your sovereignty away from you. 

You may have had difficult experiences, and these may have left traces. But the essence of you remains untouched.

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What is empowerment?

So often we are not aware of how we are giving our power away to unconscious influences of the past or the belief that our difficulties are caused by our environment. Empowerment is when we become the driving force of our life, when we reconnect with our innate power to move and shift out of difficult situations and through emotional states. Empowerment is about reconnecting with our divine nature and our ability to create. 

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Why we can feel others and what to do about it

Many of us are aware that we are bigger than just our physical body. We can sense people standing near us for example even with eyes closed and when we haven't heard them approaching. Or we can sense the emotional state of a person when in their proximity. 

The reality is our energy bodies are quite big, they can encompass entire rooms or buildings. So that explains why one person being moody can affect the mood of everyone else.

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